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Sacred 2: Ice & Blood

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Community Patch 0150

Author: Administrator Date: 19.04.17 System:

This unofficial community patch requires Sacred 2: Ice & Blood version 2.65.1 or later.

For more details, please check www.sacredwiki.org

Patchnotes CM-Patch v0150 (10 Year Sacred Anniversary Release 2014)


    LUA code reviewed

        Position formats standardized

        Redundant code removed

        Language conventions used

    Textbase of all 10 languages standardized

        Not used Text removed

        Overall translation by google

        Some typos


Enemies and Bosses

    Haenir now appears as a human


Items and Drops

    ItemMod V1.2 by flix+pesmontis integrated



    Hunting Fever reviewed

    Release stages simplified


New Quests

    Ancaria Airlines

    Shattered Souls

    The Wrong Path



Patchnotes CM-Patch v0140 (Summer Release 2012)


    Fixed an issue where invisible objects and "stairs" appeared in settlements.

    Removed max-level cap for all regions. Feel free to farm on your level where ever you like :)



    Inquisitor Animations have been further optimized to prevent skipping.


Enemies and Bosses

    Removed the enemies from the vicinity of the last monolith before the big machine.


Items and Drops

    Added a new epic throwpotion: Light of Earendil.

    New Bracers of Atherton for the Dragon Mage.

    All Fruitbaskets have proper naming now.

    Added three new Trophies: Four leaf clover, Construction plans and Divine spark.



    Rikals assistants are now removed during the quest "The Usurer".

    Elve Mehmedagic is not a target during the quest "Annoying Little Kobold Shamans" anymore

    NPCs from the quest "Redemption" leave Thylysium afterwards.

    Quest "Unexpected News" cannot be lost anymore to prevent logbook issues.

    Healthbars in "Ephrahim's Nightmare", "Witching About", "Spider Infestation", "Cut Off" and "Holdup" adjusted.

    Informant Harol from the quest "By Order of the Crown" is available, state as hireling is corrected.

    Added a Runedrop reward for the quest "Faust".

    Correction of disband-flag in "Bloody Rituals", "Frightened Guard (Light)", "Tutorial Hireling", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Light)", "A Picnic in the Swamps (Shadow)", "Attack from the Mist" and "By Order of the Crown"

    Shadow quests "Nightmares" and "Operation White Vest" adjusted. Only works if a new game or difficulty is started.


New Quests

    Shadow version of the quest "The Unsurer" activated.

    "Hired Assassins (Light)" and "Hired Assassins (Shadow)" activated, but dialogs and logbook entries are missing.


Patchnotes CM-Patch v0130 (Summer Release 2011)


    Added a Merchant to Schlun'Zum.

    Fixed a bug where a werewolf merchant in Lizurath was an inadverted killquest target.

    Removed an invisible door on a cave entrance en-route to Twitty Tister.

    Removed the sometimes nagging "Welcome to Ice & Blood" screen.



    Fixed Inquisitor's Callous Execution on his special mount (now two hits when dual wielding).



    Fixed the inappropriate green haired seraphim icons sometimes seen.

    Prepared some savegame thumbnails that were missing.


    - You should never see the blue Sacred 2 Icons in the savegame list again. Tell us if you do. 


    The Dragon Mage's Commander Set was optically corrected. (Pieces did not fit together.)



    Corrected an issue where orc female merchants had male voices.


Enemies and Bosses

    Buffed Gartor and Failitia, Dreamweaver of the Gods up a notch.

    Added a new Boss: Shelob. (Ephrahim's Nightmare)


Sets and Items

    Added a new weapon set for the Dryad: Memories of the Trees

    Fixed an error in drop.txt that was preventing the Cloak of Death from dropping.

    Revised the fistweapon families to make them unlock their fitting type bonuses.

    Added a new general weapon set with bonuses based on dual wielding: Remnants of Drizzt

    New Feature - Introducing the sigil system.

    Made custom Atherton bracers for the Dragon Mage.

    Added a new Legendary reward for the Ephrahim's Nightmare quest: Spider's Bane



    Reduced the mitigation bonus of Gruma's Talisman.



    Increased the duration and chance to infect of Viperish Disease and Eternal Fire a bit.

    Increased movement speed for summoned creatures of the inquisitor and the dryads pets.



    Keep an eye open for the most famous travelling merchant of all time...

    Added a new Quest: Bugs!

    Extended Ephrahim's Nightmare with a bossfight and epic reward: The Root of all Evil

    Correction of many spelling mistakes.

    Fixed many irregularities with missing NPCs or their illogical behaviour.

    A quest called A Radical Solution is now properly sorted in the questbook.

    Lt. Rinah is back where she belongs.

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