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Guns of Icarus Online

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Patch 1.4.9 Hotfix 1 + 2

Author: Administrator Date: 23.12.16 System:
Hotfix 2:


  • Fix party voice chat icon
  • Brought back red/blue color for team voice chat
  • Match lobby button outline was incorrect

Hotfix 1:


  • Player title, 'Sentinel' misspelled
  • For Issues from Open Testing Period:
  • Warning message is blocked by in game menu
  • Back button on the voting dialogs was not clickable
  • Weird hover tooltip background
  • Chat messages are showing from blocked players
  • Joining a passworded game issues
  • Lobby chat's scrollbar missing
  • Player name display issue in match list
  • Unresponsive player popup
  • Clan level display
  • First time players can't play tutorial if they access it from header
  • UI for confirming or cancelling video settings
  • Profile status does not update when leaving created lobbies
  • Player names and info overlap inconsistently
  • Can't exit chat tab settings by clicking on other tabs
  • Text overlap in match list
  • "Tab to switch channel" message to only display when applicable
  • Refer friend not working properly
  • Chat modes change when you check out the score screen [TAB]
  • Ship ​pictures are missing when viewing each ship stat
  • Match list alignment fix
  • Match lobby fix

Tooltip fixes:

  • Event list does not show start time correctly
  • Clan member role not showing
  • View friend profile / clan in match leading to bad (dead) states
  • Item/gun tooltip position fix
  • "Profile" menu does not have an option to take you to your profile
  • Back [ESC] from crew form takes to you main menu instead of PLAY menu
  • Tip position fix for selection window
  • Clan tag doesn't immediately appear when a clan gets a new member
  • If chat display is hidden, it doesn't immediately appear when unhidden

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