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The Sims 4

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Electronic Arts
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02.09.2014 (US)
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Patch 1.27.80

Author: Administrator Date: 28.02.17 System:

With that, we have just a little new…

The Main Menu has gone through a small redesign.

When you next load The Sims 4, you’ll see a new—but hopefully familiar looking—Main Menu. The changes include:

  • Continue (the big play button), other than a location shift, functions exactly as it did.
  • New Game and Load Game have come down from their hidden corner. You can find them alongside the Continue button.
  • Adding a household to an existing save is located in the lower-right of the Map view screen.
  • We simplified the upper-right menus to only include the Gallery and the Options menu.
  • The lower-left corner of the screen contains all the information you might want regarding packs.

We’ve also added a shirt (for toddlers and older) to celebrate the 17th anniversary—Find it in Create a Sim in the T-Shirt sort.

And we have a couple of critical issue fixes…

General Issues

  • We addressed an issue that could cause the baby to disappear upon age up.
    • While this is joyous news for parents everywhere, this does pose a significant population issue in Neverland. And we can only wait out the potential pirate to lost boy gap, as it draws ever closer in the favor of the pirates.
  • We addressed an issue that could result in toddlers being placed down through a wall, and outside of their home, if carried to use an object that was against an outer wall.
    • Ask any parent, and they will tell you “Of course toddlers are magical!” Ask them again to place their toddlers through a wall, and they will yell at your ridiculous suggestion.
      • It’s a two-faced world folks, and we’re just living in it.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a toddler to become stuck next to an elevator upon loading the lot.
    • This fix will address future occurrences. To correct the issue in an already saved game, travel to another lot with the toddler and return.
  • We addressed an out of sync voice and animation issue that was causing our Sims to be ever so slightly off.
    • Had that early film feel, except without the cool fighting, or person in rubber monster suit scenes.

Outdoor Retreat

  • You can change the lot type for Rental. They’re also no longer locked in Granite Falls.

Get Together

  • Club perks and points will no longer reset after loading into an unowned lot and then returning.
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