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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Troika Studios
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Patch 9.9

Author: Administrator Date: 22.12.2017 System:
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    • Date: 04.08.2018


    • Date: 30.07.2018


    • Date: 12.07.2018

      please, i'm need a other language...

    • Date: 26.04.2018

      Is there a possibility to assist in translations?

    • Date: 26.04.2018

      Is there a possibility to assist in translations?

    • Date: 07.04.2018

      How do we translate this game and patch into other languages?

    • Date: 24.03.2018


    • Date: 16.03.2018

      There are no words to describe how grateful I am to the work you do on this game. I haven't tried a reinstall yet, but when I installed this particular patch, fortitude would activate like normal but there would be no damage soaks added. nothing to bashing, lethal, or aggravated.

    • Date: 08.03.2018

      Hey guys.

      I’m new to this game (series) and I really wanna play this game but I’m so used to play with controllers that using kb+m doesn’t seem normal to me. Anyone knows how to enable a controller on this game? I installed this unoffcial patch and can play the game without problem, but can't use a controller, and don’t know if it’s the patch that’s causing the problem.

      I tried using antimicro and joytokey. Both let me use the controller on the pc even on windows main screen but as soon as I launch the game the application stop to recognize the controller. Anyone knows what could be causing this?

      I’ve looked for help in other forums but can’t solve my problem. I bought Controller companion on steam and it works the same as the other programs. They work everywhere except in the game. I don't know why but as soon as I start the game, the application stops recognizing the controller. It's not that I can't use the controller on the PC but more that I can't use the controller on the game

    • Date: 04.03.2018

      Thank you, you fantastic! When Russian vesion will be available?

    • Date: 24.02.2018

      Hello, the saves from previous versions of the patch are compatible with the 9.9 ?

    • Date: 25.01.2018

      Man this is awesome! Thank you very much for making this classic game playable again!

    • Date: 06.01.2018

      You really made a very good game even better! Thanks for all your efforts, wesp5!

    • Date: 06.01.2018

      когда планируется русская версия?

    • Date: 06.01.2018


    • Date: 03.01.2018

      Thanks for this great Mod. Am testing it right now, was really looking forward to this after playing the normal game.
      One Question: Any chances that there might be a german version too some day?

    • Date: 01.01.2018

      file corrupted

    • Date: 30.12.2017

      Having problems with the VTMB Unofficial Patch. When i start a new game and get done with the character creation and hit accept to continue it goes to a loading screen and loads completely than i get Vampire.exe has stopped working. How do i fix this?

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      And i'm an idiot, i coudn't click the right download picture :( Admin you can clear my mess and sorry...

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      ... And sorry for messing this page up and for the spam, i have good intentions :(

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      Paste this in browser (without spaces and replace ... with the actual link): h t t p : ... u p 9 9 . e x e

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      *** Thanks Author who put the download link below on 23.12.2017 ***
      Later Edit: I guess the link for the final 99 patch is <a href="http://www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch" title="http://www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch">http://www.moddb.com/mods/vtmb-unofficial-patch</a>
      <a href="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe" title="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe">http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe</a> though i can't be sure of course. I tried first /VTMBup99final.exe but the file doesn't exist. Just paste the link <a href="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe" title="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe">http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99.exe</a> in a new browser tab and hit enter :)

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      Thanks Author who put the download link below on 23.12.2017

    • Date: 27.12.2017

      for me it doesnt start

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Dear Wesp,please reupload your tremendous work.

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      <a href="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99beta2.exe" title="http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99beta2.exe">http://patches.planetvampire.com/VTMBup99beta2.exe</a>

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Is there any other place where I can download this patch? Also page not found for me

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Having a similar issue as everyone else-- requested page couldn't be found.

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      it tells me
      "The requestet page could not be found."

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Same as below, file is missing...

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Also same

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Having the same issue as the two people below. ; ;

    • Date: 23.12.2017

      Same here VV

    • Date: 22.12.2017

      I keep getting directed to a page saying the page can't be found, when I go to click download. It seems NO one else is having this issue?

    • Date: 22.12.2017

      Knox remains outside the clinic throughout my playthrough Santa Monica until I meet Bertram Tung. Then Knox disappears completely (not outside clinic, not inside Asylum). I can't do Knox's side quest.
      Is this a bug? Or has Knox been relocated? Thanks!

    • Date: 21.12.2017

      The "homosexual" Background only impacts the first minute or two of gameplay: your sire is the same sex as your PC, instead of the opposite sex. Otherwise there are no changes, as far as I'm aware.

    • Date: 20.12.2017

      Thank you so much - still may favourite game after all these years.
      A little question, what's the impact of the homosexual story? S

    • Date: 18.12.2017

      Thank you

    • Date: 15.12.2017


    • Date: 14.12.2017


    • Date: 14.12.2017

      I only want you to do the Turkish version of the game I have very little english and I can not fully enjoy the game

    • Date: 13.12.2017


    • Date: 07.12.2017

      Yay, thanks for the amazing support up until this day! Feels so awesome to revisit this and experience it even better than before :)

    • Date: 02.12.2017

      i'm new player in this game and thank you for this.

    • Date: 29.11.2017

      Thank you so much wesp5!

    • Date: 18.11.2017

      Sugahs, i love you &lt;3 Thank you!!

    • Date: 16.11.2017

      Thank you for this newest patch this is absolutely cool !
      You are our hero :)

    • Date: 13.11.2017

      and where is the walkthrough? i want to skip the end game fighting

    • Date: 13.11.2017

      You are my hero.

    • Date: 11.11.2017

      Where can I donate you money? You deserve something for this